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Visa questions

Invitation issues, multiple visa, visa type change etc.

Please, visit our page about Russian visa application.
Tourist Voucher is the document, where the tourist services, which are to be provided to you (i.e. airport transfer, hotel accommodation, museum excursions etc.), are listed.
Hotel booking confirmation is not accepted for visa application. Please, be advised that hotel booking confirmation and visa support documents (invitation) are not the same thing.
Your partners in Russia must apply on your behalf to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to its Regional Offices in Russia or the Federal Migration Office or its local offices to get the invitation for a multiple Visa issued. Then, this invitation will be cabled to the Consular Office or sent to you directly. Once we receive it, you become eligible for a multiple Visa.
Please, be advised that EU-citizens can apply for 1-year, 2-year and 5-year multiple business visas. For more info please send us a message thru contact form or facebook.
No, you cannot change your visa type in Russia. In order to do that, you have to leave the country and re-enter on different visa.

Travel information

Currency exchange, travel info etc.

The regulations for cruise passengers are very specific.
A cruise passenger can get off the ship together with other tourists, in this case no visa is required. The passport control officers just check the list of passengers produced by the cruise company. Please, be advised that you have to live onboard a ship and the maximum period of time you can stay in Russia without a visa is 72 hours. 
You can legally bring to Russia any amount of cash money, however you are required to declare a sum that exceeds US$10.000 (or equivalent). You can legally carry out of Russia up to US$ 3000 (or equivalent) without declaration, while any amount exceeding US$ 3000 should be declared. The same regulations apply for the travel checks.
To carry out of Russia cash currewncy exceeding US$ 10000 you will need to produce an official document (custom declaration or bank certificate) proving the fact that you legally brought the said amount of currency to Russia.
Yes, in reasonable quantities for personal use.
We cannot help you with that. You have to contact the Immigration Bureau in Taiwan or Taipei-Moscow Coordination Commission on Economic and Cultural Cooperation in Moscow (more details you can find here).