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Pet import to Russia

Pet import to Russia

When importing pets from Taiwan to Russia (or territory of Euroasian Economic Union), basic rules are as follows: 


  • Your pet must be at least 3 months old;
  • Your pet must be chipped, the sticker with its number must be in animal passport, having chipping certificate is also preferable.

Please, be advised that some chip models may be prohibited in the country where you plan to bring your pet. Therefore, before chipping you have to check out if the model is allowed.

Usually, the above mentioned vaccinations are included in standard early vaccines, but you need to check it in advance. Please be advised that the last vaccination must be done within the last 12 months but no later than 30 days prior to departure. Information about all latest vaccinations (including stickers) must be included in animal passport (usually sold in local veterinary centers or pet shops).


To apply for pet impot you have to prepare:

  1. Itinerary


Please, be advised that because of the COVID-19 pandemic and entry restrictions both to Taiwan and Russia, direct flights to Russia are temporarily suspended. If the weight of your pet is under 5-7 kg, then when booking a ticket you have to notify the airline/airlines if you can bring your pet with you onboard the aircraft. If your pet’s weight is over 7 kg then the whole flight must be performed by one airline (no codeshare flights). Please, don’t consider the flight via Hong Kong since local rules say that the pet must be putted to quarantine for 21 days even in case of transfer.


Therefore, for now possible options are transit flight through Istambul (only for onboard pets), Seoul, Amsterdam etc. 

Attention! Before buying a ticket, please ask the airline about the possibility of pet’s transportation and clarify terms.


  1. Buy pet container (the size of the container should be comfortable for your pet, usually so he/she could easily stand in it, but please be advised that some airlines have their own rules for pet containers. If its weight (including your pet inside) is over 30 (in some cases 50) kg then your dog can travel only in cargo plane;
  2. Health certificate issued by the clinic or veterinary hospital where you had last vaccination;


Please be advised that it’s better to do vaccinations in those certified medical centers authorized to issue exporting documents to avoid additional paperwork.


We recommend that all the papers are issued in English so the relevant authorities (for example, at transfer point) could easily read them.


  1. For cat owners – make dermatophytosis clinic test (Info about this analysis must be included in export certificate);
  2. Veterinary certificate issued within 5 days prior to departure;


This certificate can be issued only by the designated Animal and Plant Health Inspection Centers (see list of inspection stations). Please, be advised that at some stations you have to make an appointment. After you get this certificate, there's no need to apply for it at the airport

  1. Form 15 application approoved by Euroasian economic Union (upload). It must have a stamp of inspection station. 


After that, you can put your pet to the pet container and can go for registration counter. Please be advised that in case your pet is flying at aircraft cargo hold the airline representative will not allow you to go to transfer zone until the aircraft captain will notify that the heater is working normally (usually until 40-50 minutes before departure).


Upon arrival to one of the Russian airports, you will get your pet container at oversized luggage counter, then must address to the quarantine counter and produce Export Certificate to them. After receiving their approval you can exit the arrival zone.


Important! You can get your pet out of the container only after passing customs.


If you have any questions on exporting animals from Taiwan to Russia, you may contact Taiwan BAPHIQ through email - departure@mail.klbaphiq.gov.tw